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September 5, 2023 | by dental.cpdpro.org.uk


About This Course

This course teaches the principles of effective public speaking in dentistry, from understanding the audience to creating engaging content and managing stage fright. It also covers digital literacy and lifelong learning.

Why Take This Course?

Many dental professionals struggle with communicating effectively with their patients and colleagues. They may have all the technical knowledge and skills, but without good communication skills, their message may not be received properly. This can lead to miscommunication, misunderstandings, and even patient dissatisfaction. This course addresses this challenge by providing dental professionals with the tools they need to become effective public speakers. By understanding the key principles of public speaking, building confidence, engaging the audience, and using visual aids, dental professionals can improve their communication skills and ultimately provide better patient care.

This course on public speaking specific to dentistry would be beneficial as it covers a wide range of topics including building confidence, engaging the audience, using humor, and managing stage fright. Additionally, it includes important aspects such as understanding the role of communication in dentistry, creating engaging content, and using visual aids. The course also covers the use of online platforms and technologies, digital literacy, and continuing professional development. Overall, this course can help dentists and dental professionals become better communicators and trainers, leading to a more effective and engaging learning experience for their audience.

How This Course Supports GDC Enhanced Dental CPD

logo of the General Dental Council“Dental professionals have a duty to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. A primary qualification is only the first step in their education and development which should last throughout their professional life”
General Dental Council
Learning ObjectivesAnticipated Outcomes
#REF!1: Upon completion of the course, participants are expected to demonstrate improved ability to effectively communicate complex dental issues to patients and peers.
2: As a result of this course, learners will likely contribute to a better-informed community, through the delivery of impactful dental health seminars.
3: The course should lead to enhancement of team communication skills, fostering a more open, efficient, and collaborative dental practice environment.
4: In the wider context, the course aims to contribute to the improvement of general dental health through effective education and increased public awareness of oral hygiene importance.
5: Following the course, the expectation is that attendees will incorporate feedback assessment into their routine practice to improve their communication approaches continuously.

Regulatory Standards

✅ A – Effective Communication
✅ B – Effective Management
✅ C – Maintenance in Field of Practice
✅ D – Maintenance in Patient Confidence
✅ Caring
✅ Effective
✅ Leadership
✅ Responsive
✅ Safe

🕐 90 minutes of Enhanced Dental CPD

Course Description

This course covers fundamental principles of public speaking specific to the field of dentistry. It includes understanding the role of communication, key features of effective public speaking, anatomy of a dental training speech, building confidence, understanding the audience, creating engaging content, structuring training content, using visual aids and demonstrations, engaging the audience, using emotion and humour, storytelling, building interaction, managing stage fright, responding to questions and feedback, handling distractions, maintaining focus, reviewing progress, continuing professional development, online platforms and technologies, digital literacy, and cultivating a culture of lifelong learning.

Course Outline

Section 1

Section 1 of this course covers the fundamental principles of public speaking, including the role of communication in dentistry, key features of effective public speaking, the anatomy of a dental training speech, building confidence, and self-assessment of public speaking skills.

Section 2

Section 2 of this course focuses on designing effective dental training content. It covers the importance of understanding your audience, creating engaging topics, structuring your content for better understanding, and using visual aids and demonstrations. The section also includes a case study for evaluating dental training session samples.

Section 3

Section 3 of the course covers the art of engaging your audience in dental training. This section explores the use of emotion, humor, engaging language, and storytelling to capture the attention of the audience. It also covers building interaction and participation and exercises for creating interactive dental training sessions. Additionally, the section addresses potential challenges in dental training presentations and ways to overcome them through managing stage fright, responding to questions and feedback, and maintaining focus. Finally, the section concludes with a review of progress, continuing professional development, and cultivating a culture of lifelong learning among dental professionals.

Section 4

Section 4 of the course content covers various aspects related to handling challenges in dental training presentations. It includes managing stage fright, responding to questions and feedback, dealing with distractions and unexpected situations during training, maintaining focus and collective learning environment, and overcoming potential hurdles in dental training presentation through thought experiment.

Section 5

Section 5 of the course covers reviewing progress through feedback and self-reflection, continuing professional development for dental trainers, online platforms, technologies, and digital literacy, cultivating a culture of lifelong learning among dental professionals, and a summary of the path to excellence in dental training.

Course Reviews

This course was very informative and provided a comprehensive overview of public speaking for dentists. I particularly appreciated the section on using humor and storytelling to engage the audience.

✅ Met Course Objectives✅ Met Course Outcomes✅ Would Recommend ✅ Had Positive Impact

I found this course to be extremely helpful in enhancing my public speaking skills as a dental professional. The section on managing stage fright was especially useful for me.

✅ Met Course Objectives✅ Met Course Outcomes✅ Would Recommend ✅ Had Positive Impact

This course was well-structured and covered all the necessary topics for effective dental training speeches. The section on using visual aids and demonstrations was particularly insightful.

✅ Met Course Objectives✅ Met Course Outcomes✅ Would Recommend ✅ Had Positive Impact

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