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Prophylaxis for Tobacco Users: Stain Removal, Oral Health Education, and Smoking Cessation Support

September 5, 2023 | by dental.cpdpro.org.uk


About This Course

Learn about the impact of tobacco on oral health and effective methods for stain removal and smoking cessation support in this comprehensive course for dental professionals and healthcare workers.

Why Take This Course?

The course addresses a common problem that UK dental professionals face, which is tobacco stains and their impact on oral health. Tobacco use is a major risk factor for oral cancer, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. Dental professionals often encounter patients who use tobacco and struggle with addressing its effects on their oral health. This course provides a comprehensive approach to tackling tobacco stains, educating tobacco users on oral health, and providing smoking cessation support. It equips dental professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively communicate with patients about tobacco use and its impact on their oral health. Overall, this course is an essential resource for dental professionals looking to improve their ability to address the challenges associated with tobacco use in their practice.

The course on the impact of tobacco use on oral health and associated concerns, with a focus on tobacco stains, is beneficial for dental professionals, healthcare workers involved in oral health, and those who aim to provide support to tobacco users. The course covers tobacco stains, their formation, and effects on oral health; stain removal techniques; oral health education for tobacco users; smoking cessation support; and prophylaxis for tobacco users, providing practical exercises and case studies.

How This Course Supports GDC Enhanced Dental CPD

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Learning ObjectivesAnticipated Outcomes
1: By the end of this course, students will be able to understand the formation and impact of tobacco stains on oral health.1: Upon completion of the course, students are expected to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the impact of tobacco use on oral health and be capable of identifying and treating related issues, such as tobacco stains.
2: Upon completion, learners will have the capacity to effectively use both mechanical and chemical stain removal techniques, chosen based on individual patient needs.2: As a result of this course, learners will likely become more effective in providing oral health education and smoking cessation support to tobacco users, potentially contributing to community health improvement.
3: Students will demonstrate their ability to impart effective and sensitive oral health education to tobacco users, utilizing appropriate communication techniques.3: The course should lead to a broadened skill set of the learners in stain removal techniques, both mechanical and chemical, enhancing their practical ability to treat tobacco-induced oral conditions.
4: By the final session, participants will have mastered the nuances of providing smoking cessation support, and be familiar with the various available resources in this area.4: In the wider context, the course aims to contribute to a decrease in tobacco-related oral health issues and an increase in smoking cessation by equipping dental professionals with the necessary tools and information.
5: At the course’s conclusion, attendees will have developed the competency to construct a comprehensive prophylaxis plan for tobacco users, considering the significant importance of prophylactic treatments in this demographic.5: Following the course, the expectation is that students will proactively implement prophylactic treatments and plans for tobacco users in their care, promoting preventive care and improving overall oral health outcomes.

Regulatory Standards

✅ A – Effective Communication
✅ B – Effective Management
✅ C – Maintenance in Field of Practice
✅ D – Maintenance in Patient Confidence
✅ Caring
✅ Effective
✅ Leadership
✅ Responsive
✅ Safe

🕐 90 minutes of Enhanced Dental CPD

Course Description

The course focuses on the impact of tobacco use on oral health and the associated concerns, particularly emphasizing on tobacco stains. It begins by introducing the students to tobacco stains, their formation, and their effects on oral health. There’s a detailed case study on treating severe tobacco stains, followed by a summary of the whole section. The course then transitions into stain removal techniques, providing an exhaustive look into both mechanical and chemical methods. It has a practical component in the form of an exercise where students select the most appropriate stain removal technique. The third part of the course is dedicated to oral health education for tobacco users. It highlights the importance of such education, offers key messages for tobacco users, and teaches effective communication techniques for delivering this education. There’s a role-play exercise to help students practice these skills. The course also provides an introduction to smoking cessation support, detailing the role of dental professionals in this process. It explores various approaches to smoking cessation support, introduces useful resources, and examines a case study of providing this support. Finally, the course concludes with prophylaxis for tobacco users. It underscores the importance of prophylaxis, the different treatments available, and steps to develop a prophylaxis plan for a tobacco user. A thought experiment encourages students to create a comprehensive prophylaxis plan. The course is ideal for dental professionals, healthcare workers involved in oral health, and those who aim to provide support to tobacco users.

Course Outline

Section 1

Section 1 of the course covers the impact of tobacco stains on oral health, including formation and treatment options through a case study.

Section 2

Section 2 of the course covers Stain Removal Techniques, including both mechanical and chemical methods. Students will learn how to select appropriate techniques for different stains and situations through an exercise. The section concludes with a summary of key concepts related to Stain Removal Techniques.

Section 3

This section covers the importance of oral health education for tobacco users, including key messages and communication techniques. It also includes a role play activity for delivering education to a tobacco user.

Section 4

Introduction to Smoking Cessation Support: This section covers the role of dental professionals in smoking cessation, approaches to providing support, available resources, and a case study on providing smoking cessation support.

Section 5

This section covers the importance of prophylaxis for tobacco users, different prophylactic treatments available for them, and how to develop a comprehensive prophylaxis plan for a tobacco user.

Course Reviews

This course was incredibly informative. I appreciated the emphasis on tobacco stains and the different removal techniques. The oral health education section was also helpful in teaching effective communication strategies.

✅ Met Course Objectives✅ Met Course Outcomes✅ Would Recommend ✅ Had Positive Impact

I found this course to be comprehensive and practical. The case studies and exercises were particularly helpful in applying the knowledge learned. The section on smoking cessation support was especially insightful.

✅ Met Course Objectives✅ Met Course Outcomes✅ Would Recommend ✅ Had Positive Impact

Overall, I thought this course was excellent. The focus on prophylaxis for tobacco users was especially valuable in my practice. The thought experiment at the end was a great way to bring everything together and solidify my understanding.

✅ Met Course Objectives✅ Met Course Outcomes✅ Would Recommend ✅ Had Positive Impact

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